Common rail injector tester CRS706

1.Common rail injector tester for testing:

    Bosch denso simens delphi common rail injectors

2.Equipped with:

   Germany flow sensor for test high precision

   Bosch CP3 pump for long usage life

   Condensers controlling temperature.

Common rail injector testerCRS706

Bosch common rail injectors;
Delphi common rail injectors;
Denso common rail injectors;
Siemens common rail injectors
Including piezo injectors
2.Injector test: measure the injection volume under full-loaded(VL)idling(LL),pre-injection(VE),Emmision test (EM)and backflow volume.
3. Check the sealing performance of the common rail injector.
4. Check the solenoid valve.
5. Clean the injector before testing.
6. User can add and edit the data by themselves.
7. Save the testing report & customer information.

1.Electronic quantity measurement,
2.Germany high precision flow sensor .
3.Rail pressure is controlled accurately by DRV/PCV.
4.Cooling system:Condensers controlling temperature.
5.Genuine Bosch components: CP3 pump.
6.Simple injector and pump mounting
7.Hood protects for flying parts
8.Circuit Shortcut protection
9.Except checking injectors, check the common rail tester machine' performance:ZME,connection, pressure sensor, temperature sensor.
10. Printing (optional).

Software advantage:
1.Intelligent system, computer can judge and tell the defaulty part of this common rail inector tester.
2.Rich database, injector full information are stored, same data inforamtion as Bosch ESI
3.More than 1800 test plans for Bosch Delphi Denso Simens.
4.Customer can edit any data by himself.
5.Have data backup, system software and data upgrade functions
6.Support Multi-language.

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